Monday, August 29, 2011

Counter Strike: Global Offensive @ PAX Screen Shots + Valve Is Really Really Cool Peeps!

This weekend at PAX a slew of new screenshots for Valve's upcoming updated/retooled version of Counter Strike titled appropriately Counter Strike: Global Offensive were released.CS:GO is being marketed not so much as a sequel to the super popular franchise but more of a retooled overhaul. The game still runs on Valve's Source Engine which has had numerous updates since the release of Counter Strike: Source in 2004, so think more along the lines of Portal 2's graphics and physics. There are many many subtle differences in the game when compared to the previous incarnation including new weapons, new maps, and even a new buy system when it comes to equipment like Kevlar vests and grenades, ect. One new interesting item is a false grenade that sounds like enemy gunfire meant to throw off your opponents. Most if not all of the old maps and weapons will return in all their updated graphical glory, including the popular de_dust map.

Valve is working with their partners over at Hidden Path on CS:GO and are aiming to expand the Counter-Strike audience into the console market, so we will be seeing CS:GO on both the PS3 and the Xbox360. No word yet on the Wii*U unfortunately. Perhaps the the most exciting news however is the cross platform play between the PS3, PC, and even Mac. But if that weren't enough you will also be able to use mouse and keyboard play with your PS3 as well! At the moment there are no plans for cross platform play for the 360 due to Microsoft's strict rules concerning Xbox Live, but Valve has expressed the desire for that to change. The already beloved Valve definitely appears to be doing everything they can to be, or rather stay, the champions of the gaming in the eyes of gamers with favorable decision after decision and endless innovations. Valve has already done this once with Portal 2, and not only that but everyone who bought Portal 2 on the PS3 got a voucher for a free copy of the game through Steam on their PC and/or Mac. Swell guys aren't they?

There is something to be said for a company that routinely has great sales on their digital distribution platform, and gives away free copies of their games isn't there? Keep up the good work Valve... but I think I speak for the rest of us when I say that this does not get you off the hook for taking so long with Half-Life 3... or Episode 3... or whatever it is you have up your sleeve, but it isn't hurting either! A good place to check out the screens other than the one posted at the top of this article would be over at Kotaku.You can also check out a trailer there as well.

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