Tuesday, August 30, 2011

iPhone 5: End Of The Line?

A few days ago it would have been silly to assume that Apple would be in any kind of trouble, and perhaps still is silly today. But if I may I'd like to bring up a few ideas concerning the future of Apple and the iPhone. It's safe to say that without the iPhone Apple would still have been successful. They could have stayed solely in the home computer and .mp3 player market and thrived, but the iPhone transformed them from a successfully company, into one of the most powerful and influential companies in history. Steve Jobs is the man behind that transformation obviously.

I'm sure lots of people have had this very thought since the news hit about Steve Job's retirement "With Steve gone, what's going to happen to Apple?" and with good reason. But I want to ask what I think is a far more important question. What would Apple be doing next even if Jobs wasn't retiring. Apple is known for being innovative. They were first to the plate on many of the electronic devices and software that we use every day, so much in fact that they have literally changed how we live our day to day lives. The iPhone is only the latest example of that, because let's face it... the iPad just a big iPod touch with more horsepower, nothing innovative there.

The smart phone market has grown so much over the past two years that now you are looked at kinda funny when someone finds out that you don't have one. With a market that big, Apples competitors had a big gap to fill, left open by those who simply hadn't bought an iPhone yet. So now we have numerous devices out there that for all intensive purposes, are just as good as the iPhone. Apple has said that the iPhone 5 will have a radical new approach or design. What that is has yet to be revealed, but I don't see it being radical enough to also be innovative enough to change the world like the original iPhone did. So my point is, I think we're just past the peak of Apple's reign. Until the next ingenious device is revealed that is so great we never new we couldn't live without it, I foresee the iPhone 5 being the end of this era of technology. The market has caught up, the gaps have been filled, and the world is waiting on something new, not just another iPhone.

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