Sunday, August 28, 2011

Razor 'Blade' Gaming Laptop. Savior of PC Gaming? ... Or False Prophet?

A few weeks ago the PC Gaming peripheral company Razer made a bold claim. PC gaming wasn't dead and they were going to prove it soon. A few days ago they showed their hand, and there have been mixed emotions about their cards ever since. Enter the Razer 'Blade' gaming laptop. A beautiful sleek think lightweight gaming monster of a machine. Until now gaming laptops have always been expected to be bulkier and heavier than the average laptop, and here comes the Blade giving even the underpowered Macbook Air a run for it's money in the size department. On top of this the Blade has Razer's unique Switchblade UI built right in for unlimited custom macro capabilities. All this coupled with a superb LED screen makes for one hell of a sexy laptop... until...

What's that? I have have to take out a second mortgage on my soul? ...ok   Yes $2800 (that's two thousand and eight hundred) dollars for the sexiest gaming laptop ever made. Fair price? At fist I said no... then I took a step back for a second  non biased look and... still said no. Knock six hundreds dollars off and I think this beast would be accepted a little more by the mass market. As it stands, you can't help but think about what all you could buy with $2800 INSTEAD of the Blade. Like for example five desktop PCs that will out perform the blade, or maybe even two laptops that are equal in strength to it. At the moment it is a very hard buy for most folks and for good reason obviously.

While it appears many critics love the Blade, the average serious PC gamer wouldn't be playing on a laptop anyway. The market for this sort of product is small but growing thanks to popularization of Macbooks in recent years, so in the future the Blade could become very mainstream in the PC gaming market, but that price has got to come down a little before it does. So to the point of this article, is Razer's 'Blade' the savior of PC gaming? I like most PC gamers was unaware it needed saving, which is where I think most of this backlash is coming from. We wanted something revolutionary that would boost PC gaming's overall ease of admittance, and we got something very pretty but very very expensive.... not exactly what PC gamers care about these days.

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