Thursday, September 1, 2011

Another Day, Another Lost iPhone Prototype.

Here we go again! Apple employees having a little night out on the town, a few drinks, losing iPhone 5 prototypes. One has to wonder how these things keep happening. Scene of the crime? a Mexican Restaurant & Bar in San Francisco. Is Apple going to have to ban their employees for bars when in possession of prototype devices? If you remember last year the same thing happened with the iPhone 4 prototype in another bar. That time the man who found the device sold it to Gizmodo for a hefty sum of cash, then when Gizmodo ran an article on their new toy complete with specs and pictures Apple was furious.

I thought at the time that it was all posturing and viral marketing, albeit done very well, and this latest indecent  only further pushes me towards that opinion. On the one hand, how can a company like Apple allow two incompetent employees to be in possession of their flagship prototype devices two years in a row, but on the other hand you almost can't make this stuff up. Special thanks to Phluff for the heads up! You can find cnet's article on the incident in the link below.

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