Saturday, September 3, 2011

Scientists Trying to Blot Out the Sun?! Machine Uprising Next? has reported on an experiment on it's way to be tested that will, if successful be the proof of concept to an idea that will help combat global warming. So nothing to be worried about just yet, however the idea does have a familiar ring to it. In the 1999 Sci-fi hit movie 'The Matrix' and it's counter part 'The Animatirx' the story describes an event that took place that blocked the sun's rays in order to keep the then solar powered machines under control. What a crazy outlandish concept! Something that would only be possible in a Science Fiction movie like 'The Matrix"...right?

Well not anymore according to Dr. Mathew Watson. The actual idea isn't quite as sinister as described in The Matrix however. A giant garden hose 12.4 miles long, tethered to a ship and attached to a 650-foot balloon, which will pump out hundreds of tons of chemical particles into the stratosphere to mimic a volcano. Volcano's ashes reflect sunlight and therefore heat. Remarkably simple once you understand it. But the initial expirement coming up will only be using sea water just to test the concept out. It will not actually effect the environment in anyway until the concept is proven and the real thing is implemented.

My personal opinion though is that this whole "combating global warming" thing is a front. The real reason is of course to combat the inevitable robot uprising. It's going to happen folks... don't pretend it wont. 

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