Wednesday, October 5, 2011

An Article in Poor Taste About the Death of Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs died today in what can only be described as a massive fireball bursting with immense energy after the Supreme Galactic Ruler Zortasoft infected him with an unknown computer virus which overloaded his iHeart.

...what? ... C'mon that is a way cooler death, don't you agree? I mean I may not like the man, but he deserved a cooler death that what he got. There are already so many "RIP Jobs a true visionary/innovator/genius...ect" articles out there, we don't need another one. Plus I don't really agree with any of that anyway. I will say however that he was one hell of a businessman and he had more drive than almost anyone on the planet, I truly do respect him for that.

In other news the iPhone 4S still sucks... which makes me think Jobs may have faked his death as part of a viral marketing campaign.

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