Friday, November 25, 2011

Geekwho??? [Update on Current Events]

What has Geekmax Review been up to lately? Why hasn't there been any updates recently? Who framed Roger Rabbit? All these questions have been up in the air the all during the month of November and I'm here to answer two of them.

In short, Life has all the sudden become a little to busy for me to update Geekmax Review as regularly as I would like. I recently switched jobs, and still working my old one a little until they find a suitable replacement, and yes... Skyrim has indeed swallowed up pretty much any other spare time I have. Do not worry however, as I plan on giving Geekmax the love it deserves every chance I get.

A quick rundown of whats happened since I've been gone...

GTA V announcement trailer was released.
The iPhone 4S still sucks, and Steve Jobs is still dead.
I gained about 45 pounds over the Thanksgiving Holiday.
Oh... and Skyrim came out... which makes me wonder, why are you reading this?

Yea, it's good, and yea you should go buy it.

There will be an in depth Skyrim review coming up in the near (or probably distant) future.

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