Wednesday, October 5, 2011

An Article in Poor Taste About the Death of Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs died today in what can only be described as a massive fireball bursting with immense energy after the Supreme Galactic Ruler Zortasoft infected him with an unknown computer virus which overloaded his iHeart.

...what? ... C'mon that is a way cooler death, don't you agree? I mean I may not like the man, but he deserved a cooler death that what he got. There are already so many "RIP Jobs a true visionary/innovator/genius...ect" articles out there, we don't need another one. Plus I don't really agree with any of that anyway. I will say however that he was one hell of a businessman and he had more drive than almost anyone on the planet, I truly do respect him for that.

In other news the iPhone 4S still sucks... which makes me think Jobs may have faked his death as part of a viral marketing campaign.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Why You Don't Want the iPhone 4S... (Hint: It Sucks)

The iPhone 4S!  Rejoice! Ok, yea never mind about that rejoicing. Apple finally unveiled their brand new iPhone today, and well... no one cares really, because it's not actually new. I suppose we only have ourselves to blame since all news up to this point have been rumor after rumor. You'd think we'd learn better by now.

So here is all the info you need to know, just like the 3GS to the 3G, the iPhone 4S is better, faster, and stronger, than it's predecessor. The biggest improvement being the camera which is now 8 megapixels (like it matters) and can take 1080p video but Apple also says that it takes more vibrant pictures in both low light and normal light and faster than the iPhone 4's 5mp camera, which is saying a lot because it was actually pretty good.

Also new is the iOS 5 and a 1GHz Dual-Core Apple A5 processor, but other than that, it's pretty much the exact same phone. For those that hate AT&T the best news might be perhaps that the iPhone4S is also available on Verizon's as well as Sprint's networks. Now here is the part why I tell you why you do not want the newest iPhone... it's still not 4G. That's right. Verizon's and Sprint's model is still a 3G phone, however AT&T's model is using HSDPA+ (High Speed Packet Access) which is basically a beefy 3G feature, or in other words, not 4G.

The original iPhone 4 will now start at $99, and the 3GS will be free with a contract, which if you buy your an idiot, and the new/old iPhone 4S will be available October 7th. News is still coming in on all the features of the new iPhone, so check back later for more details.